Patterns of Algebra

Patterns of Algebra

I actually write this article to help highschool and college students that are majoring in math. My nephew Marc will be so happy to read this.

When students understand the underlying patterns of algebra, and then learn to extend those patterns, something miraculous occurs.  Students learn algebra!  It makes sense to them, and they even enjoy it!

Brain research has confirmed that it is through recognition of patterns that the brain learns. Patterns of Algebra takes advantage of that natural learning, and leads students to discover for themselves all the big ideas relating to linear and quadratic functions.

Do you need tools in order to learn Algebra? In my opinion a good algebra book, a great scientific/graphing calculator and of course your brain is enough to master Algebra. If you are interested in purchasing a calculator, please view this What Is The Best Graphing Calculator Today article.

When students discover for themselves the patterns upon which algebra is built, they quickly and easily master linear and quadratic functions. Much of what we call education is based on memorization. And what students are asked to memorize makes little sense to them or to the frustrated teachers who struggle to motivate and encourage their students.

Some teachers want to “teach for understanding,” but are not always clear on what it is that students should understand. Patterns of Algebra does away with memorization, choosing instead to introduce students to the patterns which form the foundations of algebra.

Students are lead to discover big ideas, and then to build on those ideas as they progress through their study of algebra. As you work through the material presented here, you will find that concepts are presented when they are needed.

It is what has been called “just in time” learning, as opposed to the more conventional “just in case” learning.  When students can use and build on what they learn, their learning accelerates and their motivation is resurrected.

Baby Jogger Summit XC – Go Everywhere

Baby Jogger Summit XC – Go Everywhere

Hello everyone , today I’m gonna review the Summit XC, a jogging stroller from Baby Jogger. This is my first time reviewing one of their strollers, so a little introduction about the company seems like a good idea.

As you probably guessed by their name, Baby Jogger main line of products are jogging strollers, but they also offer some urban use and all-terrain strollers. The company was founded in 1984 by Phil Baechler, he was a newspaper journalist whose favorite pastime was jogging.

He wanted to spend more time with his infant son but didn’t want to stop jogging, with that in mind, he decided to bring his son with him in his baby carriage while jogging. This of course was a bad idea, he soon realized that standard carriages were not made for enduring the long distances, different surfaces and the speed of jogging.

So he designed a special stroller made for running, the name of that first stroller was of course, the Baby Jogger.


  • Patented Quick-Fold Technology – allows you to fold your stroller in one simple step
  • Unique patented all-wheel independent suspension offers the smoothest ride on the block
  • Hand-operated rear drum brakes for increased control on hilly terrain
  • Swivel front wheel can lock into place for exercise purposes16″ rear and 12″ front quick-release pneumatic tires for all-terrain capabilities
  • Adjustable multi-position sun canopy with clear view windows and side ventilation panels
  • Adjustable padded seat recline to a near flat position with a vented seat top and retractableweather cover
  • Patented universal accessory mounting bracketExtended handlebar with wipe-clean grip
  • Adjustable five-point safety harness with shoulder pads
  • Seat back storage compartment and large under seat storage basket
  • Rear parking brake
  • 75 lb. weight capacity on single jogging stroller


  • Maximum Carrying Load: 75 lbs
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Stroller Weight: 24.6 lbs
  • Open Length: 45.5″
  • Open Width: 27″
  • Open Height: 44″ (to top of canopy)
  • Tire: 16″ rear, 12″ front air-filled tires on polymer wheels
  • Folded Size: 31″ x 27″ x 15.5″


Baby Jogger left me with a good first impression after taking a look at their website, over the past 3 years they have won 17 awards for product design, functionality and innovation. The latest one being the NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Awards) Gold award, won this year for their City Select stroller.

The Summit XC is being labeled as a “stroller/jogger hybrid” because it offers some features more common in standard strollers while retaining the capabilities that makes it a high performance jogging stroller.


It has one of the easiest folding mechanism I have seen in a stroller, you just pull a strap with your hand and that’s it!   It even locks automatically when folded, you can easily fold it with only one arm while holding your baby in the other.

Really good and sturdy sun canopy that opens at multiple positions, it has a small peek-a-boo window on the top and two ventilation windows on the sides, all of the windows can be secured with Velcro. There’s a lot of room in the stroller seat, this means that your child will fit perfectly for a long time even after he grows up, this is also good for children that are taller than normal.

Independent suspension for every wheel, this is a great feature that doesn’t come in every jogging stroller, you will notice a big difference compared to other strollers that only come with rear wheel suspension. It comes with a handbrake that can prove really useful in some situations, it’s true that you might not use it much but it’s a nice addition to have.

Easy to navigate when you’re strolling around some park or big stores, just remember to unlock the front swivel wheel.With the way this stroller folds, it can fit almost any size of car trunk, you can even remove the wheels and it’s lighter and smaller. Perfect for people with small cars!


It’s heavy when folded so I don’t recommend carrying it for a long time, you can remove the wheels and it gets a lot lighter. It doesn’t come with a child tray, but of course this is expected in this kind of stroller. You do have the option to buy a child tray as a separate accessory.

Hard to navigate through some tight stores. The basket it’s a bit hard to access, it would be a better idea if they made it possible to access from the sides.


The Baby Jogger Summit XC is worth every penny, the cons are minor and to be honest, expected in a jogging stroller. The all-wheel independent suspension makes riding with this stroller really smooth even on rocky terrain, just remember to lock the front wheel when you’re going to jog, keeping it unlocked while jogging will cause the stroller to shake.

I also like how trendy this stroller looks in the red/black combination of colors, there is a sand/black combination too if you prefer. Overall I think this is a very good choice for a jogging stroller, you can notice at a first glance that the Baby Jogger Summit XC has been made with very good quality materials that will surely last for a long time.

I hope I was able to help you in deciding which stroller is the right one for you, and if you still don’t know keep visiting my site for more reviews, have a good day!